Figure Drawing Seven Week Bootcamp
Kraig Kiedrowski Instructor
Sept.17-Oct. 29 2018

We will be drawing from live nude models posing in variously timed poses. Beginning intermediate and advanced students welcome. This class is a requirement for the long pose course that immediately follows this one. The course will consist of a series of exercises directed at seeing the human form in terms of simple shapes and transposing those shapes to the drawing surface.

What the class is about

Gesture and movement
Our bodies are in constant motion. The “gesture” of the figure reflects the mood attitude and action expressed or implied. By drawing the figure in motion via the short pose we can learn this most fundamental aspect of figure drawing.

Anatomy and points
By acquainting ourselves with the forms that make up the human in appearance and functionality we can deepen our understanding of the subject and make our depictions more convincing and alive. Anatomical landmarks or “points” can provide a kind of roadmap to proportion and placement once we learn to recognize them.

Spatial perception
Positive shapes (the figure itself) are surrounded by negative shapes or the voids around the figure that we call negative space. Being able to see both and engaging the space the figure occupies are critical and can help you see misperceptions in your figure.

Alignments and construction lines
Plumb lines and construction lines help us build the figure and serve as a guide to balance and weight distribution.

Turning the form
How do you make a shape on your flat paper look three-dimensional? You do it by turning the form. This is achieved with modeling or manipulation of line. You need to learn this if you want to make your drawings pop off the page.

Figure Drawing and Painting Course
Intermediate and Advanced
Kraig Kiedrowski Instructor
Nov. 5-Dec. 17 2018.
This class will immediately follow the seven week figure drawing boot camp course that begins in September that is a prerequisite for this course. This will be a long pose course for more developed work. We will be working from live nude models and advancing the concepts taught in the previous course.
What this class is about
Students are invited to move into painting media such as oils pastels or gouache. Students may also do long studies in traditional drawing media such as charcoal conte crayon pen and ink or brush and ink.
Composition and planning
In longer studies we have time to plan our piece and carefully consider the placement of the figure on the support for maximum impact.
Light and dark /Use of values
We use values of light and dark to give our forms roundness and depth. Light and dark shapes and their arrangement create the design and intention of the composition.
A limited palette? An analogous color scheme or a split complimentary one? How about using just small areas of color in an otherwise gray tone scheme? These are just a few of endless options the painter has when setting about making a painting or drawing. Students are encouraged to explore these ideas during the course.